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Kingpen & Kingroll products are made to deliver an unrivaled experience no matter how you consume cannabis. Our award-winning Kingpen oils are crafted utilizing a proprietary extraction and distillation process, surpassing industry standards and delivering true-to-strain formulations that mirror the terpene profiles of our in-house cultivated flowers. Kingroll utilizes these premium cannabis oils paired with single-source whole nug flower to create standout pairings fit for a king.

Kingpen Original

510 vape cartridges & AIO's of classic strains.

Kingpen Royale

Premium Live Resin vape carts.

Kingroll Original

1.3g Singles & 3g multipacks. Infused with Kingpens award winning oil.

Kingroll Royale

1.3g Singles & 4g multipacks. Infused with Kingpen Royale live resin.

For Smokers,
By Smokers

Kingpen has always been a brand made for smokers by smokers. In 2014  Kingpen was established to provide pure, potent, and consistent products to California consumers.

As a true pioneer, Kingpen has helped shape the industry by innovating the science and engineering behind the manufacturing process of the cannabis oil. Today Kingpen is one of the most prestigious, influential, and recognizable names in the space with one of the largest distribution networks in California.

Kingpen is proud to offer California’s cannabis connoisseur as well as the newcomer several strain-specific formulations crafted to perfection, as the brand continues to raise the bar in the world of cannabis today and tomorrow.


Client Testimonials

“I swear I go to California annually JUST for Kingroll and Kingpen 🔥”
“Top tier choice for infused prerolls, no other brand made me as happy! 😁”
“No lie these hit hard... super high ... never been disappointed.”

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